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20 Random Things

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Twenty Random Things About Me

Stolen from lots of people. Not bothering to say, cause you're the only ones who'll read it, really.

1. I hate art history. Or at least I hate the tests.
2. I randomly put makeup on when my hair is feeling cooperative. And sometimes when it isn't. But really, I hate makeup.
3. I failed my portfolio review both times, so I can't major in graphic design. I'm gonna try a major in Art, and a minor in Creative Writing. I don't know if I need a new advisor, but I'm terrified to talk to mine right now, as he was one of the reviewers for my portfolio.
4. Country music isn't so bad :P And that music you call Indie, that was country. Indie's completely different, and that was country. Trust me. You're just in denial.
5. I... actually like some of Billie Piper's songs *hides*
6. My favorite pop is Mountain Dew. Sadly, I agreed to a bet in which I must not drink pop til April.
7. I have a facebook.... and I am sadly semi-addicted. I stalk people on there.
8. I suck at writing, but I like to write anyhow.
9. I left a toy car in front of Matt's door last night. I don't think he noticed. But someone may have stolen it, so I don't want to bring it up. And it costed less than a dollar, so I don't care. Maybe I'll tape it to his door next time.
10. I love working at Cub. Mmm, cookies...
11. I role play online. It's quite fun. I've done Dragonriders of Pern, Harry Potter, Xena, and I'm currently doing Firefly. I think I did Star Wars once, and I was going to do Charmed, but that idea fell through. Oh well.
12. I think I'm ugly. Well, not ugly, really... Just not very attractive. Though I don't mind my body, for the most part. Hate my legs. My back is the hottest thing ever. But that may be because of my tattoo. Yep, just cause of the tattoo. Oh well.
13. I want to own Taco Bell, just so I can have their nachos and cheese. Mmm...
14. My car is CLEAN! STILL! *amazed*
15. I want to jump you.
16. I made my own cream cheese mix in the bakery. It rocks my world. But I don't have bagels.
17. Dan hates me :p
18. I'm scared of the future.
19. I bought a cute raccoon stuffed animal.... and found out at the register that it's a squeaky toy. Not sure if that makes it better or worse.
20. I write semi-private posts a couple times a year, in which I basically pity myself, hate my life, etc. If you're unlucky, I'll add you to the list that gets to see them.


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February 2006

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